NFC 17-102: Protection of Structures and open areas against Lightning using early streamer emission air terminals

As an alternative to the traditional ‘Faraday Cage’ method of lightning protection, we offer the ‘Early Streamer Emission’(ESE) type system.

Powercom Solutions recommend and install the ABB Hélita Pulsar range of ESE devices which are considered the international leader in this form of lightning protection. Powercom Solutions are approved installers the ABB Hélita Pulsar and our engineers were the first to install them in Ireland over 20 years ago.

The ESE concept is the generation of an upward leader in an attempt to intercept the lightning stroke and conduct it to the general mass of earth through traditional down conducting paths to an earth termination network.

Dependent upon a range of circumstances, roof mounted ESE Devices can offer a radius of protection up to around 100m. A series of strategically placed devices can therefore be installed in an attempt to provide cover over much larger areas.

When specifying the ABB Hélita Pulsar system, it is necessary to mention the product specification,  NF C 17-102, as this modifies EN 62305 in several ways concerning the number of down conductors used, Powercom Solutions engineers have over 25 years’ experience in design, supplying, installation, and testing of the ABB Hélita pulsar in Ireland.

A major cost saving is made on utilisation of the Faraday cage installation, down conductors and earth pit locations and major cost savings on the builders works on an existing building.

The Hélita Pulsar system has been approved by Environmental Consultants; Carbon Footprint Ltd.Directors of the Carbon Footprint sit on the BSI Emissions.

Hélita enjoys a world wide reputation as a foremost specialist in direct lightning protection.Established since 1932, the organization's commitment has always been to offer truly effective systems and designs, providing the highest level of safety and effectiveness in lightning protection. Over the years, Hélita has emerged as the world's leading manufacturer for Early Streamer Emission (E.S.E) lightning conductors.

These state-of-the-art technologies have been designed on the basis of a series of patents registered jointly by Hélita and the French National Research Organization (CNRS). The collaboration also introduced a method of testing in high voltage laboratory, used as a procedure of evaluation of the Early Streamer Emission air terminals in Appendix C of standard NFC 17-102, to assess the efficiency of an E.S.E.

Apart from its distinguished credentials, Hélita has also proven its commitment to research and development. It continuously sets new benchmarks for the efficiency of lightning conductors with the CNRS and has undergone testing in renowned laboratories internationally and obtained certifications with the relevant authorities as follows:

ABB Hélita pulsar E.S.E Lightning Conductors are installed for protection against direct lightning at buildings, towers, airports,water treatment plants, open areas, golf courses, recreation zones,football stadiums, historical monuments and many others.

The ABB Hélita pulsar range with increased initiation advance performances represents further progressing terms of protection, operating autonomy and ease of maintenance.

These advancements reinforce Hélita's position as a global leader in direct lightning protection with over 550,000 installations throughout the world.


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