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Powercom Solutions is a Dublin based lightning protection company and cover all 32 counties in Ireland. Our mission is to provide the highest quality lightning protection systems available.

Welcome to Powercom Solutions Lightning Protection Systems

Powercom Solutions is a company based in Dublin with nationwide coverage that specialises in all aspects of Lightning Protection and Electrical works; we design, install, test and maintain systems, as well as carry out essential repairs and maintenance. Together with our fully trained operatives (who have over Twenty-Five experience), you can be assured your lightning protection system will meet the highest possible standards, and that the system, if maintained correctly, will protect the building and the people and equipment within it, whenever it is called upon to do so.

Powercom Solutions is a specialist lightning protection company which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions, which minimize the lightning risk, reduce equipment damage and disruption, and overall,provide a safer workplace, and in general a safer Ireland. We protect both the people and assets in your organisation from a lightning strike. It is essential to make sure that your Lightning Protection system is maintained in good working condition. In fact, it is a requirement of the BS 6651, I.S. EN 62305 & NF C 17-102 that Lightning Protection systems are tested annually in accordance with the relevant Standard.Our clients made us the Irish market leader in the installation of Lightning Protection systems. They recognised that our commitment to high standards of service and safety meant that they could get on with their job secure in the knowledge that we had done ours.

You can be sure that your job will be fully and accurately specified right from the start because we have invested in best practice design and engineering processes backed up with Furse StrikeRisk software. We will use Furse StrikeRisk v6.0 software to calculate the System Design, which will be determined by the correct input of Weighting Factors into the risk management analysis (I.S. EN 62305-2), which will indicate the level of structural and Transient Over Voltage Devices required to reduce the risk to tolerable levels. 

You can count on Powercom Solutions because we have made sure that we achieved all the relevant technical and service competence qualifications. You can refer to our proven track record as evidence of our ability and professionalism. You have the added insurance of knowing that all our services are professionally indemnified, warranted and performance bonded. You can rest assured that your Lightning Protection systems remain fully effective by using Powercom Solutions own maintenance teams for regular testing and maintenance. Powercom Solutions will offer great lightning protection services at low prices. We would be delighted to undertake surveys and submit recommendations upon your instructions. We can promise a speedy,efficient and professional lightning protection service, all at a very competitive price.

Our company, Powercom Solutions, offers a specialised and personal service for the installation of Lightning Protection and Earthing systems working on projects throughout Ireland and the UK


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