Annual Service Contracts:

As you may be aware, where lightning protection is fitted, it should be professionally tested by a trusting company on an annual basis (no more than 11 months) to comply with the I.S. EN 62305:2011, BS 6651:1999, meaning throughout 12 years your lightning protection system will have been tested during every seasonal month of the year. Applying this tried and tested method will allow the effect of seasonal variations in resistance or other characteristics of the system to be taken into account. Your lightning protection system will last for many years if properly installed and maintained by us.

If this annual test and inspection is not carried out and does not have a valid test certificate, your company may be liable for prosecution if your building takes a direct strike from lightning causing Loss of Human Life, Loss of Services to the Public, Loss of Cultural Heritage, Loss of Economic Value.

Powercom Solutions will undertake the regular lightning protection testing for lightning protection systems, and ensure your lightning protection system is compliant with all current lightning conductor regulations.

Therefore, to ensure that your company complies within the law, we would be pleased to submit a quotation and a scope of services, for your annual test and inspection of the lightning protection system or systems installed to your buildings.

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